• Gel Nail Enhancements (Beautiful Natural Looking Artificial Nails)

    THE PERFECT TEN!  Your hands speak volumes!  Keep them soft, feminine and lovely…  Add length and strength to your nails with our  gorgeous, “natural-looking”, gel nail enhancements.  Compromising in the areas of beauty means falling short of the truth of whom you are.   Stay true to you ~ Receive the best quality beauty has to offer from our Professional, Certified and experienced Nail Technicians.  Enjoy your overall look and style with beautiful elegant hands and nails.  We know you’re worth it.

    Full Set : $59
    Refill: $45
    French White Tip: add $5

  • Gel Nail Polish

    It’s all the craze!   Experience the highest quality.  Our beautiful advanced Semi-Permanent Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish system is similar in application to regular nail lacquers and UV-light cured like a gel.   Gel Polish provides brilliant and flawless color, durability and pure enjoyment for up to two weeks!   Fortified with vitamins to help strengthen your natural nails, these high-end gel polishes come in an assortment of the latest trends and fresh seasonal colors, including french polish.  Dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days …. Beautifully!   Finally, no more smudging, chipping or peeling.  Include a Complimentary gel polish soak-off removal, gentle nail and cuticle clean up, along with our all natural Signature moisturizing lotion application with every Gel Nail Polish treatment.   *For your added relaxation and softness include a creamy warm paraffin for $10 more.

    Gel Nail Polish $45

  • Nail Polish Change

    Colors and fresh neutrals bring joy to life!  Here at Spa Divine we’re dedicated to your health and wellness as well as the environment.  With so many brilliant fresh seasonal colors to choose from we offer them to you in vegan, paraben-free, DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free nail lacquers ~ Believing that toxin-free is the way to be.  Your polish change includes gentle cuticle soften, nail shaping, and a smooth veil of your choice in our Signature natural skin-quenching nail oils, body lotions and ultimate whipped creams, all infused with pure essential oils, made specifically to soften, nourish and protect.

    Includes Nail Shaping & Lotion Application         $25

  • Double Your Pleasure

    Rediscover your Beauty.   Enjoy this Relaxing Double Sweet Treat!  This lovely double pleasure starts you off in your relaxing Spa Manicure followed by bathing your soles in our Divine Spa Pedicure (view their individual spa treatments for details).  Both beautiful treatments include nail shaping, cuticle and callous smoothing, sweet sugar souffle exfoliation to remove dry, flaky skin, a deeply relaxing massage using our Signature Natural moisturizing lotions and pure essential oils, followed with a soothing REMINERALIZING MASK and warm, HEALING PARAFFIN application to heal tired achy joints and muscles, moisturizing and replenishing soft silky-smooth skin.  Choose from our seasonal Eco-friendly color collections for your nail polish application or natural nails are buffed to a brilliant shine.


  • Divine Spaah! Wellness Manicure

    Enjoy beautiful nurturing in your Divine Spa Manicure ~ A luxurious extension of our classic!  Combining the benefits of our Signature skin nourishing natural moisturizers with preserving vitamins and pure essential oils.  Enjoy a luxurious fragrant warm herbal hand soak, gentle cuticle clean-up, nail shaping, sugar souffle skin exfoliation and a deeply relaxing therapeutic hand and arm massage.  Receive added pampering with a rejuvenating Kaolin Clay REMINERALIZING MASK, with Organic Natural healing Shea butter infused  with pomegranate & blueberry anti-oxidant extracts.  A creamy warm, skin-quenching PARAFFIN TREATMENT then seals in moisture while hydrating dry skin to silky smoothness; soothing achy joints and muscles.  Transcend the everyday enjoying a tension relieving NECK & BACK MASSAGE.  Nails are then polished with your favorite Eco-friendly nail colour or buffed to their natural perfection.  Reveal your softest, smoothest, prettiest hands ever!

    French Polish add $12


  • Classic Manicure

    Enjoy our beautiful CLASSIC MANICURE  as it’s silky softening and soothing at its finest!   Allow your thoughts to slip away as we treat your hands in our softening fragrant warm herbal soak, precision shaping of your nails and cuticles, sugar souffle exfoliation of dry flaky skin, and relaxing massage using our Signature all-natural moisturizers, combined with pure essential oils to hydrate and replenish silky smooth skin.   Your nails are polished with your favorite color of our Eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polish of your choice or naturally buffed to their perfection.  *For additional nourishment, massage and creamy warm paraffin view our DIVINE SPAAH! MANICURE.

    French Polish add $12