touch therapy … healing hands

Performed by Certified Spa Therapists


    Enjoy your relaxing and rejuvenating Massage experience with your spouse, partner, family or friend.   Your decadent “Massage for Two”, allows for you the tranquil privacy and seclusion of your own lovely candlelit treatment suite, brimming in scent’sational, fresh pure essential oils.   Side-by-side…in total togetherness!

    All of Spa Divine’s exquisite Massage & Facial Treatments are available side-by-side.  Please request your preference of type of Massage desired at time of booking.

    Individual pricing is shown with each Massage Treatment



    This unique 90-minute full-body massage has been called an “out of body experience” by many of our guests.   Escape to a place of pure relaxation with this ancient Native Massage Treatment.  The penetrating warmth of natural smooth, heated stones combined with traditional Swedish massage melts away stress and anxiety, helps heal tired achy joints and muscles while soothing nervous fatigue and tension.   Restore yourself to an all-over sense of calm and well-being with Spa Divine’s uniquely holistic Warm Stone Massage.

    90 minutes $159



    Release everyday stress and tension with the gentle to medium, soothing strokes of our classic Swedish Relaxation Massage.  Designed to improve circulation, calm the nervous system, and relieve minor muscle tightness and tension.   Reduce life’s daily stress and relax in the tranquil comforts of this soothing Massage as an integral part of your healthy self-care and wellness regime.

    60 minutes $105
    75 minutes $120
    90 minutes $135


    This deeper pressure Massage is similar to our Swedish style, Release & Relax Massage, and works with targeting deeper layers of muscles, using medium to firm pressure of movements over specific localized areas indicated.   Relieves tighter muscles and tension while eliminating congestion and toxins within muscle tissues.   Feel great in your everyday life with regular self-care of this beautiful muscle rejuvenation; healing body and mind, for your optimum health and well~being.

    60 minutes $115
    75 minutes $130
    90 minutes $145


  • Awaken Your ‘Scents’es

    Enhance your relaxing Massage and experience the ‘scent’sational powers of Aromatherapy ~ Pure plant and flower aroma Essential Oils. Calming or invigorating, your therapist will customize an exquisite scent to best meet your individual healing needs. Choose from our Signature Scents of Pure French Lavender, Fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Divine Goddess (Sweet Mandarin Orange, Tangerine, Vanilla) & Tahitian Tropical (Papaya, Mango, Coconut).  Balance your body, Calm your mind, Soothe your soul.

    pure essential oils add $10