Go ahead … live a little

Indulge in these divine delectable’s.



    Heaven on earth begins here!
    Indulge!  This is your time to Unwind, Refresh and Renew.   Relax into Spa Divine’s Soothing Classic Facial accompanied with pure essential oils and gentle Collagen Eye Revitalizer to soften and refresh precious eye area.  Pamper yourself in our beautifying Spa Wellness Manicure and Reviving Wellness Whirlpool Pedicure with creamy warm paraffin to heal and soften your skin, muscles and joints.  Feel yourself  lighten as you nourish and pamper your body and mind in this sheer delight.

    Allow 4 hours     $270
    Includes light spa lunch


    A relaxing vacation for your mind and body!
    Begin your luxurious day of divine rejuvenation by indulging your senses in our pure lavender sugar souffle body polish removing dry flaky skin, then enveloped in warm, aromatic lavender essential oils and silky smooth hydrating body body wrap to moisturize and heal, followed with a glowing Divine Classic Facial including a refreshing Collagen Eye Revitalizer.  Complete your divine spa experience with a beautiful  Spa Wellness Manicure and ‘sweet feet’ Whirlpool Spa Wellness Pedicure.

    ~ Simply Spa-tacular!

    Allow 5.5 hours      $490
    Includes light spa lunch


    Girly Time… Do not disturb.
    Intended to give girl friends a fun, intimate, memorable experience, side-by-side in total togetherness ~ or come solo, escaping to the beauty of quiet, tranquility and calm.

    Relax…. begin this beautiful day with a 30 Minute Release and Relax Aromatherapy Massage, to soothe tired achy muscles, refresh in a nourishing Classic Facial with Collagen Eye Revitalizer, while completing your relaxation with beautifying your hard worked feet and hands in our luxurious Spa Whirlpool Pedicure and Manicure.  Truly a divine Spaah experience you’ll hold near and dear to.

    Allow 4.5 hours    $335 Per Person
    Includes light spa lunch


    Your Refuge of Restoration

    Divine for one…,yet SO purr~fect for two as an exquisite Romantic Pampering Bliss.  Experience this memorable candlelit luxury, side-by-side, in total togetherness OR come solo for a complete refuge of restoration.

    Relax and Renew while you surrender to the divine, and receive a 60 minute Release and Relax Massage with aromatic essential oil of your choice, a Divine Spa Wellness Manicure and Whirlpool Spa Wellness Pedicure, hydrating, soothing and ‘prettying-up’ relaxed hands and feet.  Truly a sweet indulgence you’re sure to cherish!

    Allow 3.5 hours     $265 Per Person
    Includes light spa lunch